Snowboarding without protection is maybe cool but:

Snowboard protectors shop

Could prevent for some severe injuries or proven less injuries when using snowboard wrist guards. Also snowboard back protectors as protection is recommended by medical specialists.

Wrist guards

should be flexible to wear in snowboarding and the splint of the snowboard wrist protectors should be long enough Snowboard Back protectors also called spine guard protection as flexible as possible.

The brand Flexmeter is a well-known manufacturer of snowboard wrist guards with proven results of about 67% less injuries of the wrist and arm.

Buy the best Wrist-Guards and snowboard gloves with protectors you can get in the Wintersport and Snowboard Protection gear shop Multi language shop for less injuries of the wrist and arm.

The brand Spinemeter yes flexmeter spine guards to protect your back.
A system of articulated snowboard back protector which unbreakable thermoplastic shells are articulated.
This articulation allows the anterior flexion of the trunk, but does not allow the harmful hyperextension of the spine thanks to a stop
system. This system of hulls offers an optimal protection against direct impacts and hyperlordose. It conserves also an excellent


Also Snowboard impact Shorts


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